Labor and Employment

Knowledgeable Employment Attorneys

logoFew issues can disrupt a business like a lengthy, costly piece of litigation with a current or former employee.  These disputes can distract management, weaken employee morale and consume day to day resources.  Warren and Young has assisted Northeast Ohio businesses in successfully bringing employment disputes to a close (and in most instances, avoiding them altogether) for over 90 years.

Solving Employment Problems Before They Start

At Warren and Young, we believe getting in front of employment problems is the most effective way to avoid disruptive, costly pieces of litigation.  Unfortunately, today’s employer must navigate a seemingly endless number of local, state and federal laws in order to do so.  Staying current with these ever-changing regulations requires daily monitoring.  Even the most experienced human resources professional can find this task daunting.

That’s where our experienced employment attorneys come in.  Warren and Young conducts regular, internal management training sessions for all of our clients, keeping them up to date on the revolving door of employment regulations in the 21st Century.  We conduct extensive employment audits to expose potential problems before they evolve into formal, public legal challenges.  Quite simply – we solve problems before they start.

Our employment team keeps our clients up to date and aware of potential employment-related pitfalls by assisting and educating human resources professionals in the following areas:

  • ADA and FMLA
  • In House Investigations
  • Affirmative Action and OFCCP Compliance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Employment Handbooks and Policies
  • E-Discovery and Record Retention
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Workplace Violence Matters

Aggressively Defending Employers

State Court.  Federal Court.  Arbitration.  Mediation.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  The Department of Labor.  The National Labor Relations Board. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Unfortunately, some legal disputes are unavoidable.  The employment attorneys at Warren and Young possess decades of experience successfully representing employers before every court and administrative body, as well as acting as appointed arbitrators or mediators for the resolution of disputes.  Our attorneys have successfully tried numerous harassment and discrimination matters to verdict.  They have successfully negotiated hundreds more.  Their expertise extends into the following areas:

  • Employment Discrimination and Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Class Actions
  • Breach of Contract Actions
  • Unfair Competition and Trade Secrets
  • Wage and Hour and FLSA Litigation
  • Workers’ Compensation Defense

Managing Employers’ Relationships With Collective Bargaining Units

Most employers enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with employees in their collective bargaining units.  However, disputes arise.  Grievances are filed.  Unions go on strike.  Bottom lines force employers to close manufacturing plants.  Warren and Young has represented public and private employers with bargaining units of all sizes in countless bargaining negotiation sessions concerning wage rates and structure; insurance; retirement plans; productivity; performance issues; plant closings; attendance and discipline issues; and promotion, transfer and recall rights.  We also handle grievance matters and arbitrations under collective bargaining agreements.